I Think I Stopped A Daily Frustration

Ended a frustration today, I think. Every time I went onto Foxnews or CNN a video would pop up and drive me batty. On Fox, the video would be full-volume and jump me every time I click on an article. I was so frustrated that I decided to stop going to Fox altogether, but first I did some research. Here’s what I found:
I use Chrome, so I don’t know if it would work on other browsers.
If you don’t have Adblock Plus, get it and install it. But that’s for other popups. Fox somehow circumvented Adblock Plus. What I found is that you can stop autoplay by clicking on the icon just to the left of the URL in the address bar, just left of https….
Then click on SOUND, and click MUTE.
1. Click icon at left of URL just before https….
2. Click on sound.
3. Click MUTE
I’m not sure, but you might need to do this for any other site that shocks you with video popups even though you have Adblock. I’m willing to do that. It’s SO rewarding to me to find a way to stop Foxnews especially because I go there so often – in fact this was my last try – I was going to stop going to Fox altogether, my nerves just couldn’t take it, but just before doing that, I found this and so far, it’s working.

A Meditation This Morning

I was listening to a clip Jan Markell played by Mark Levin who so accurately described what’s going on in our world, in our country, in the government, in “the powers that be.” And as I listened and realized the depths of wickedness against us, against our God, against our government, against our society, my heart grew heavier and heavier as he made it so clear – what we’re up against. I actually felt sick.

I went to the Lord, and from him I remembered that we’re not up against human enemies, we’re up against human plants in society who so willingly carry out the will and plots of the “principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  Ephesians 6:12

From pondering that for awhile, I grew in understanding just exactly what “the restrainer” is. I saw it so clearly.

“For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work;
only he who now restrains will do so
until he is taken out of the way.”
2 Thessalonians 2:7

From there my mind went to the horrible thought of what this society will become when that restrainer is “taken out of the way.” Can you imagine it? The only thing resisting the forces of evil in our world is our voice – the voice of God-fearing people, the voice that restrains the evil from destroying all that is good.

But …the day will come when our voice and our work, the “restrainer” – – – will be removed. Imagine it. Imagine the goals of the lying, murderous, perverse force of evil – being given full sway with nothing to stop it.

That’s what it will be like when the restrainer is removed. What a picture of horror.

We cannot comprehend the depths of evil that will be unleashed in the world when we are gone.

As I prayed about it, I realized that the evil one also has a “restrainer,” forcing the restraint of our voices and our work. And as I thought on that, I understood that the only way we can function successfully …is through prayer.

Friends, this is a spiritual battle, not a battle against flesh and blood, but a battle against the one empowering them. He is a fallen angel, far superior to us in understanding. Our only weapon against him is prayer. The only way our work can function in the POWER needed is from spending time with God and receiving from HIM the power we need to work while we can. Because:

“…the night is coming when no one can work.”
John 9:4

Trolling – It’s Actually A Mental Illness

I heard an interesting video today on the subject of internet trolls. You see them all the time and wonder why they would waste time just trying to annoy people. You’re looking at the comments on a site and invariably there’s going to be some of this useless drivel. I’ve wondered why anyone would do something like that. Is their life so boring that they have nothing else to do?

In the video I’ll post below, someone investigating the psychology of people who do things like that have actually concluded that it’s a type of mental illness. They get pleasure out of annoying others. And of course, the fact that their pleasure is in someone else’s pain – is proof positive that they are mentally ill. So what can we do about it? Probably nothing. They are on the low rungs of self-esteem and being able to control people by aggravating them makes them feel powerful. Pretty pathetic.

In something similar, I have some idiot “following” one of my blogs, and this person has absolutely no reason to. I’ve looked at his/her site and the posts they have on there have absolutely no similarity to the genre I post in, or in the kind of posts I post. They come every day, click on my “Follow” button, I remove them and they just keep trying to wear me down by repeatedly clicking that button after I’ve removed them over and over again. Pretty pathetic. Probably like some of the trolls – people of low intelligence acting out in their mental illness, people with nothing else to do. In an odd sort of way it’s propelling me into my own growth in the ability to overcome the hatred I feel when I see them. I guess it’s a good spiritual workout.

So here’s the video. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Maybe it will help us all in our effort to able to just ignore them. 



Again Today

I should be used to this by now, but every time the Lord does this it affects me deeply.

There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. And time and time again the Lord does this.

I have written devotionals and articles and I post one of each every day. And time and time again I will read or hear during that same day the Scripture I posted in the morning. I”ll “stumble upon it” in some book I’m reading, or hear it in a video I’m listening to – the ways are myriad, but it happens so very frequently that in some way or other – I’ll see or hear today – the very Scripture I posted earlier in the morning.

Today I picked up my Bible and just started reading from where I left off yesterday and there it was – my reading was the very Scripture I scheduled last night to post this morning. It just boggles my mind. 

I look up to God every time and I say, “I don’t know how you do this!” There was one chance in 1,189 that today my reading would fall on the very Scripture I posted earlier. One chance in 1,189 – how can it be? And if that weren’t enough – it happens frequently, so the odds are exponentially higher.

I remember one time I had posted an article based on a Scripture in the Book of Numbers, one of the most obscure Books in the Bible. I could hardly believe it when later on I heard that same Scripture referenced in a video I was watching. I mean – it’s one thing to hear during the day a reference to a passage in Psalms that I might have posted that day, but out of the Book of Numbers??? I was just gobsmacked! The odds of that are nearly impossible.

To me, that is absolute proof of God – this feedback happening again and again gets to the point where it’s just not statistically possible. It arouses a deep and abiding appreciation of the involvement of the Lord in my daily life.

Let me go on, now that I’m writing. This happened again today, but it happened after I had spent time bringing thanksgiving to God for one thing I’ve noticed about him, one thing the Spirit of God has been showing me – and that is that every single story in my life, and there are many, was INITIATED by God himself. The Lord took me back through every story, starting in my teenage years, and he showed me that not one single story was the result of something I did. Every single story happened unexpectedly, by surprise. If I hadn’t been at that place at that time – if I hadn’t met that one person at that particular time, the incredible odds of that story ever happening. Not a single one was something I initiated.

In the past months, as he has taken me back to each one and showed me how every single one of them happened by surprise, by HIS initiating them, it causes in me such a deep and abiding trust in him, beyond what I could express because this has had such an impact on my understanding. I ended my prayer time this morning by saying from the very depths of me, “I am IN you, my whole life and my whole being, I am IN you, and I absolutely delight in that.” Then I went to my daily reading, reading just from where I left off yesterday, and there it was – the very Scripture I had posted this morning. It just leaves me with my jaw at my feet.

Things are coming together in my mind. For years I’ve pondered how Paul and Silas were able to “sing praises to God at midnight” – in a dungeon, having been mercilessly whipped, their feet in stocks. Because the Lord has brought this passage to me in a very dramatic way – long story – I’ve asked God to give me understanding on HOW they were ABLE to do that. If I had been whipped and placed in a dark dungeon, blood streaming down my back – I can’t imagine myself singing praises to God. Yet, he has brought that passage to my attention in a such a dramatic way that it has caused me to think deeply on it for quite some time. I have thought deeply on it, and I’ve asked him to reveal to me HOW they could have that mindset while they sat in such pain.

I think maybe I’ve seen some of the answer to my question. As the Lord has made me see so very clearly that every story in my life has been authored by HIM, then it follows that this understanding is the very thing that answers the question. If every story is God-authored, and every single one of them has been worked out for my good – then that’s all I need to know in the painful ones, so how can I ever doubt when I find myself in a story that makes no immediate sense to me? I’ve seen what he’s done with them in the past, every single time without fail, so now I can rest in that understanding and yes ….sing praises to him at midnight.

As I was telling the Lord this morning – I heard it said that when God brings a person into his covenant, he takes RESPONSIBILITY for that person’s life. And that’s it! I see it as never before. All our stories are authored by him and he authors each one for a very definite purpose. Nothing is random in our lives. God has pre-planned each one of them, and each – for a specific purpose. 

It takes years of walking with him before a person can be ABLE to understand that. It takes years of seeing how he made each story end up to be a blessing I would never have had if that particular story hadn’t happened. And it is this understanding that makes a person ABLE to praise God at midnight.

Finally …I think I “get it!”


My Daily Devotional

Daily Article For The Christian Reader

The Creation Of A Life After Failure – A ‘God Thing’

This is going to be way more than just a post, in fact, It might be one of the last chapters in my book. I was listening to a video this morning, it was about the earliest computers and the “beginnings” of the many sites we now use all the time. And it got me to thinking about the development and progression of my own story – truly “a God thing,” from my first computer – a Commodore 64 – to today – to a world we couldn’t have imagined back then. Coming from a world of failure, the Lord took this pretty-much-destroyed-human being and created a life for me – a life uniquely suited to my own DNA. That’s a subject I write about a lot – the notion that each of us is unique on the face of the earth. Since the discovery of DNA, it has been revealed just how unique each of us is. And to me, the most important thing one can do in life is to find out from God what his purpose and plan is for that one distinct personality, the one he created and planned before we even appeared on the scene. This is part of my story – the discovery – initiated by God himself – which has been my fulfillment, the purpose for which I was created.

God foreplanned that my life would find its fulfillment in the context of the computer world, a world I would never have even heard of had it not been for the progressive action of God upon my life. Here’s how it started:

My First Computer
The story begins with my Commodore 64 desktop computer. I had taken a course in computer technology at our local community college, and I loved it. Back then there wasn’t a lot to choose from in the computer marketplace. In the computer technology class, we learned on an Apple IIE. At the time the Apple and the Commodore were pretty much all there was to choose from by way of the home computer. I loved my Commodore, and had no clue whatsoever that someday I’d have a computer with more than 64K of RAM. We had “floppy discs” back then, and storage capacity – well you’d laugh at it today but for us back then it was all new, and we were beyond excited.

The concept of being “online” was unheard of. My introduction to it took place one day when a co-worker sat at her desk quite intimidated, but anxious to learn. The tech guy was talking her through sending an “email.” So …what’s a “email,” I asked? It wasn’t long before I got an email address and started interesting others to get one. I was overseas at the time and the thought of being able to send a letter to the US and family would be able to see it the same day – this was just incredible. As it was, it would take more than a week for a snail mail letter to reach me, and another week or two before my answer would be in the mail. So the letters that took two or three weeks turn-around time – was reduced now to hours. Anyone reading this won’t be able to really appreciate what this meant for us. To send a letter and receive a reply in hours – it was something we were just amazed at. More than amazed. It changed the way we could communicate with family thousands of miles away.

The Internet
A friend came to visit one day, and he was excited! His wife had given him a disk containing the Windows 95 program! As though my imagination hadn’t been stretched to the max, of course I had to ask, “what on earth is Windows 95?” And that was our introduction to something called “the internet,” and pretty soon I bought the Windows 95 program on disk. Now we were really flying! It’s not Kansas anymore, Toto.

Animated smileys
The next step in the development of what I had no idea would someday become a career for me – was the day my cousing Carlene sent me an email with a smiley in it. I just looked at that, stunned, how on earth …??? So I emailed her and asked how she did that. She answered that she really didn’t know – that her tech guy showed her how to do it, but she didn’t understand it at the time. No one did. But of course …I just had to find out. I went onto the “internet” and searched how to make a moving picture. And that was a huge step in my learning. I spent countless hours – actually days, weeks, — months? learning all about this new find. I found sites with several kinds of moving pictures – known as gifs – and many were free to download. I filled a whole floppy disk with animated gifs and began using them in emails.

What on earth is a “blog?”
Then one day a friend sent me an email with a link in it, and told me to take a look. What’s a link? Well …I clicked on it and was taken to a BLOG. Ok, I’m looking at someone’s “blog.” I spent a lot of time examining this blog and took note of all the elements that made it up. After a longggg time looking that over, suddenly I noticed an orange icon at the top of the page. It said, “Make your own blog.” What???? I could do that??? Oh well, I may as well click on that icon and see what happens. And voila! I was staring at Blogspot, a site that will host the blog you’re going to create! I had no idea how to get started. How to set it up. There was a woman at my church who had a site online and she gave me all the information she knew about. And she referred me to another woman, someone who lived in Texas, and told me this woman knew a lot more. So I contacted my friend in Texas and she talked me through creating my own blog. It was 2005. In 2005 I created my first blog. I still have it to this day!

So …learning about creating a blog was going to be a HUGE undertakning. I had only these two friends to ask questions of, and soon I knew as much as they did — and that wasn’t much! In studying the creation of a blog I realized I had to learn coding, called “HTML.” I had no idea how valuable this was going to be for me, but I also had no idea how incredibly difficult it would be. I was already past my friend’s knowledge base, so I was on my own. Well …not exactly – I didn’t realize at the time that this was all the Lord. But I was to learn over the next few years just how much it WAS the Lord, because I had to turn to him a zillion times as I came across something I needed to do on the blog and he was the ONLY one I could run to. Slowly, slowly, I learned the bare-bones basics of HTML. Briefly, it’s the computer code that enables you to do things in the background of your “template,” such as underlining, or putting something in bold, or spacing a paragraph, or choosing the colors you want for the blog background, etc, etc, there is no limit to what you can do with HTML, but boy, it was incredibly difficult to learn it from scratch and I spent enormous amounts of time experimenting with it. In fact, I created a “test” blog – where I would try out different things to see how they would come out. I didn’t want to take a chance on my main blog – boy, you can mess things up really bad and then good luck trying to fix it. So my test blog was absolutely invaluable to me.

The next step in my learning curve was to investigate how to create graphics. On a site online I saw someone offering to make pretty signature graphics to sign your emails with. She offered to make them for anyone interested, so I asked her to make me one, and it came out beautifully. Nice colors, and my name on it. I emailed her and asked how she did it, and she told me she made them with a program called “Paintshop Pro.” I showed the graphic to my daughter and told her about my communication with her, and my daughter and I decided we needed to get the program. We looked online and found it. It was priced at $90.00, so we each paid half because we weren’t sure whether we’d like it once we got into it. Well! The program came and I loaded it into the computer. ……Now what? I just sat there and looked at this blank page with all kinds of icons for different tools one could use. I didn’t have a clue. So I went out and bought the book, “Paintshop Pro For Dummies.” Got it home, and I couldn’t even read the first page. All the concepts were so foreign to anything I had ever known before, that I just got thoroughly overwhelmed and shut the book after one afternoon of trying to make senses of it. I guessed this wasn’t going to be something we could do, it was way too complicated for us. But a few days later, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, (that happens when it’s “a God thing”) so I went back to the bookstore and bought the book, “Paintshop Pro For Idiots.” Brought it home, and again, I couldn’t read the first page. Defeated, I put it away and tried to forget about it. Then one day when I was sitting at the computer, these words came to my mind, “search for Paintshop Pro beginner tutorials.” I didn’t even know what a tutorial was! But I did put that into the search box, and the rest is history. I found tons of beginner tutorials and slowly, slowly, VERY slowly started trying to understand something I had nothing to relate it to, no one to ask, but with those beginner tutorials I started to learn how to make graphics. Every time I learned something, I wrote it down and soon I had a “procedures” folder that became top-heavy, but that I couldn’t ever have lived without.

So what was the end game? What was all this about?

Well ….

I started developing my blog. At the time I was only posting text posts. I learned how to take something from the internet, copy it, and paste it into a post. I played with that a lot, learning how to change text color, or bold it or underline it, and eventually I learned how to put a graphic into it. I think that now – if I were to take all my notes, I could put out an encyclopedia on all I’ve learned then and since.

Then one day I was in my prayer time and I told the Lord that I’ve made use of all he’s taught me, I was writing every day, and putting in graphics to make the posts more interesting, and I was thanking him for all he’d enabled me to learn. Feeling pretty good that I had used everything possible to serve him online. He spoke to me that day in my prayer time. He said, “You haven’t used Facebook.” And I almost fell off my chair. FACEBOOK??? I had briefly looked at Facebook and found it to be totally uninteresting. People just posting any old thing, recipes, cute animals, nothing that interested me at all. So. God wants me to use Facebook??? I could hardly believe it. But …of course I went and started a facebook account with no idea what on earth I would ever do with it. It took the Lord having to direct me, having to tell me what I COULD do with it, and he said the word, “Devotional.” I asked, you want me to put out a devotional? Later that day he sent an enormous confirmation my way. So I started. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

And Facebook became far more than I ever would have imagined. I presently have over 3,000 followers and I interact with them daily as much as I can. Every once in awhile someone will message me that the devotional I posted in the morning was just what they needed to hear, and I came to realize how powerful a ministry it could become. And now, long story short, I’m reaching people all over the world with a daily devotional that I hope will impact people and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. And that’s just for starters. I presently have dozens of blogs, all on different topics, all hand-made, and when I look at all that can be done online it just amazes me. I’ve gone from a smiley face to blogs, to world-wide outreach and this is most assuredly a praise testiomony because only I know the myriads of times I’ve gotten stuck on something and had no one to turn to for help. But what the Lord ordains, the Lord sustains and it must boggles my mind how many times I had to turn to him with something I just couldn’t figure out – and later I’d “accidentally” stumble onto the answer while looking for something else. That had happened more times than I could begin to count. That has been my life from the beginning until now. And still I’m learning.

The greatest part of this testimony is that I came to the Lord as a total failure in life. I had failed at everything I had done. I developed PTSD as I lived out those stories, and that has caused me many limitations. But the Lord has taken those limitations and the free time I have because of them – and he has developed this ministry from the get go. When I remember back at the mountains of times he has had to lead me to answers – it’s almost overwhelming to realize just how personal he has been in the development of this story. And today – I’m only interested in what I can do FOR HIM. I pray about what I write, the devotionals, the articles, even the pictures, because I have an understanding of WHO I am serving with it, and I know that if I forget to pray, it’s evident in the outcome. But when I pray before working, I just look at the product and praise his Name, because only God could have done it.

So God took a total failure, and by a series of steps supernaturally guided – I’ve ended up preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world. Daily. I can say  with the apostle Paul, “Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me” 2 Corinthians 12:9

If you feel that you have nothing to offer, especially if you’re a broken person, set those attitudes aside and ask the Lord what he would have from you. Only he knows your makeup, your history, all about you – and he will establish you in HIS plan for your life, and believe me, it will be totally personalized to meet exactly the way he had made you. Just get started. Just ask.

“If you could see what I once was
If you could go with me
Back to where I started from,
Then I know you would see
A miracle of love
that took me in its sweet embrace
And made me what I am today,
Just an old sinner saved by grace.”
-Sinner Saved by Grace


There are horrendous storms taking place in the middle of the country affecting millions…

The president has grounded all 737’s because of the crash several days ago – which means thousands upon thousands are going to be stranded… flights cancelled …

Facebook and Instagram are down GLOBALLY…

This is weird.


Facebook Update

I thought Facebook had taken my account down, but the thought occurred to me to check if others are having the same problem …and they are. Across the GLOBE.

I was sure I’d lost the account because I’ve been in “Facebook jail” several times. But come to find out, it’s not that at all. 

Kinda soothes things.


Facebook Troubles

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Last night as I was doing my evening posting on Facebook, suddenly when I clicked “Share” …..nothing happened. I tried it again …nothing. I logged out and came back in …nothing. I found that I was able to post in a group, so I posted a notice saying that I’m not able to post on my timeline and directed it from the group to my timeline where the notice did post. 

That was yesterday. This morning when I tried to log in, I got a notice that Facebook was down for “maintenance,” and to try again “in a few minutes.”  That was hours ago. I just tried again, and I got “page not found.”

I don’t know if any of my Facebook friends take a look at my blog from time to time, but I’m posting this for anyone who might be wondering what on earth is going on. What’s going on is that it appears that my Facebook account no longer exists. If anyone from my Facebook friends list sees this, would you please post a notice that it looks like my Facebook account has been taken down.



A Praise Report, A Personal Sharing

The Lord does this all the time with me…

Whatever I read in the Bible in the morning, I’ll hear the very same passage again later in the day from someone, somewhere. What makes it remarkable (to me) is that He even “confirms” his approval when I’m in a non-popular passage, for example deep into Numbers or Leviticus. Who would ever expect to hear on the same day a passage I just read in the morning from a little-referenced passage deep within the Old Testament??? I just chuckle when I hear a little-known verse from someone somewhere, and it’s the very same verse that was in my reading today. It never ceases to amaze me how God does that.

Well this time he has done it again in a different way. Yesterday I unintentionally got into a long and hard debate on Facebook on the subject of idolatry in the Catholic church. The person coming against me called me every name in the book and every response of hers was filled with vitriol. I didn’t get into the “ad hominem” mindset, I mostly just posted Scripture that answered everything she said. This took place over several hours and when I signed out I was exhausted. And then she unfriended me. No surprise there.

So this morning I get up and when I went online and looked at the youtube videos from sites that I subscribe to, up popped a man speaking on the very thing that happened yesterday. He also did not go into “ad hominem” attacks, but presented the arguments against Catholicism in a very scholarly way and I knew, I just knew that it was a confirmation from the Lord, a hug from my Father, because he always does that. I don’t remember the last time I saw a youtube video about Catholicism, I’m not subscribed to any anti-Catholic sites. This was what many would call a huge coincidence, but because the Lord does this so often, I knew it was from him and was greatly comforted.

We walk a very hard and sometimes painful walk when we take a stand on anything unpopular. We walk with a bulls-eye on our backs. But it is SO encouraging when the Lord comes back with a confirmation. It says he’s watching, and he’s involved. It just makes my day and enables me to absorb the fiery darts from the enemy.

Thank you, Father God!

* * * NOTE: An “ad-hominem” attack is when instead of responding to what you say, they attack you personally. When someone attacks the person rather than the message.


What Could Be Sadder?

This morning I was reading a post on Fox News, a suicide note left by a woman who hung herself. Suicide always has a profound effect on me as the first thing I think of is I wonder what the person was thinking – and what happened next, after the act.

My next thought was this: As gruesome as abortions are, and they truly are, yet what could be worse than ending one’s life thinking they’re getting away from their problems only to find themselves in hell for all eternity?

I want to add here – I’m not saying all who commit suicide go to hell, please don’t think I mean it that way. But when you look at a life that shows no evidence of salvation, then you realize that in this case she more than likely ended up in hell. For all eternity. I think of the shock. Nothing could be worse than that.

I posted this on Facebook this morning – I wasn’t thinking of starting a whole long argument, but that’s what happened. Some thought I was being judgmental – I guess they didn’t read the post well – I obviously wasn’t being judgmental, I was just thinking out loud. Gotta be careful of that on Facebook.

Anyway, the complaint was that I was consigning suicides to hell. Of course I wasn’t – only God knows the eternal fate of a person. I was just mulling over the possibility that the person did not know the Lord and if so, she wouldn’t be going with him. The only way one can be saved is by being born again through faith in Jesus Christ. That’s not my judgment, that’s what Jesus has said. We are a sinful, fallen people. God loved the world so much that he provided a redeemer for whoever will accept him. Without a redeemer, one is lost. Scripture says they are “condemned already.”

Pretty heavy stuff, but when you think of what Jesus Christ went through in order to redeem us, how can it be anything but logical that if someone doesn’t receive what he did, there’s just no other way.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

vs 18-19
“He who believes in him is not condemned;
but he who does not believe is condemned already,
because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

So is it judgmental to wonder if the person who committed suicide is in heaven or not?



When God Doesn’t Heal

One day as I was walking home the Lord suddenly said to me, “I’m not going to heal you in this lifetime but I’m going to bless you all around it and I want you to enjoy those blessings.” That was years ago and to this day I remember the words verbatim.

I have a condition, two actually, which greatly restricts me. But it’s been the thing that has given me to understand, at least in my case, why the Lord would not heal.

I was thinking on this yesterday. Later when I was working in my blogs I realized that if God had healed me, I would not have been home working on the computer – and I would not have created more than 30 blogs (just the WordPress ones, many more in Blogspot) nor would I be putting the Gospel out there all around the world every single day. That realization shocked me. God can use me in the greatest way by leaving me unhealed.

This is only my case, but I believe God has a reason each time he does not heal. It could be something as basic as our maturity process, which applies to me also – doesn’t matter – it just shocked me when I realized what I’ve been doing all these days unhealed and wouldn’t have done if he had healed me.


What Is A ‘Prayer Warrior?”


* * * I need to make a statement clarifying a false image of me that some have.

This morning, someone asked me to pray for a situation ….because I’m a “prayer warrior.”

I’m not. And I felt conviction letting the person think something of myself that I’m not. Which led me to investigate why I felt conviction.

Let me explain…

What is a “prayer warrior”? I’ve been mulling this over in my mind all morning.

Well, when you hear the word “warrior,” you have to think of an armed enemy that you go out against. I learn from the Old Testament stories that Israel was to go out armed against their enemies ONLY when the Lord told them to. That means if you tackle an enemy without God sending you, you will be defeated or painfully wounded in the battle.

Just yesterday my Bible reading happened to be the battle at Ai which Joshua took upon himself to wage, and Israel was soundly defeated. There was a reason for that. Joshua didn’t know that there was sin in the camp, and that fact led him and his army to a stinging defeat. But worse than that, he did not ask the Lord before going out. He was greatly emboldened by his previous victory at Jericho, so he just ran out against Ai. And he was soundly defeated.

I see two principles here:

1. If there’s sin in the camp, you risk a sound defeat and possible deep wounding.
2. Joshua didn’t wait on the Lord, he went out rashly. That brought devastation upon the Israeli army.

I think we need to pay strict attention before we rashly call ourselves, or allow ourselves to be called, “prayer warriors.” I pray. But I do not move against the enemy except in the rarest of instances when the Lord leads me to. Therefore, I do not call myself a prayer “warrior.”

Two people asked for prayer this morning and in both cases I prayed. I did NOT address or confront the enemy, because I’ve learned through very painful experiences, and I mean dangerously painful experiences, not EVER to do that unless the Lord himself leads me to.

So please do not call upon me as a “prayer warrior,” because I’m not. I pray, I intercede, but I do not confront the enemy.