My Twitter Tale

…as it currently is  …or isn’t …?

Months ago I brought my concern to the Lord that my blogs weren’t producing. I blog FOR HIM, having been prompted BY HIM to do so, so I take them pretty seriously.

Well …long story (very long story ) short …he showed me Twitter. I started using it and saw great results, so I spent a lot of time (I mean a huge lot of time) developing it. I created two accounts, one for current events as seen through Bible prophecy, and the second for sharing the Gospel and things having to do with the Word of God, inspirational posts, Bible topic posts, etc. Things were good.

Then all of a sudden, I noticed my posts were not producing on Twitter. I mean ….by this time I had developed the two accounts to more than 8,000 followers. But now I was getting maybe two or three “likes” and no comments per day? Huh??? With 8 THOUSAND followers?

So …I did some research and found out that there is something called “shadow banning.” Twitter will block your account down to almost nothing, but unless you’re paying attention you won’t notice it because every time you post to Twitter it posts just fine. Go back later and those posts will be there, no problem. The problem is that you’re the only one seeing them.

Most people know what Facebook has been doing to conservatives. Actually, I’ve been in “Facebook jail” three times already. But I never expected it to happen on Twitter. So I found their contact form and sent a note asking why this was happening. A few days later they asked for information so I gave the particulars to them. That was a week ago, and of course I haven’t heard any more from them. And don’t expect to. From what I’ve read, once they’ve taken a stand against you, there’s nothing you can do about it. In my research I found multitudes of others who have had the very same treatment, with no solution.


So …the battle is on. I’m still going to post to Twitter because “A FEW” followers are seeing the posts and I’m hoping the posts will get “out there” by those few reposting them. I had one follower yesterday who has multiple thousands of followers and he reposted one of my posts. It’s the only way they’re going to be seen – if others repost them to their accounts.

Of course I’ve taken this to the Lord and I know that he is the ONLY way this ministry outlet is going to work for me. In the meantime he’s showing me some other things I can do, so I’m going to be really busy tackling each idea. But as for Twitter, unless the Lord makes it work, it’s a dead horse.  




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