What Is Your Favorite Time Of Year?

If you said anything other than “spring,” maybe I can help you change that? 

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Yeah, I know, most people would say fall is their favorite, but not me. When fall comes and the leaves are falling, I just cannot, cannot, CANNOT enjoy it because I know what’s coming. Leaves begin changing color slowly, from about September. And true, we’ll have many nice days and apple cider, and tree-peeping, and all that. But have you ever tried to enjoy something when there’s a rock in your shoe? Cuts down the enjoyment, doesn’t it. Well …that’s how fall feels to me. In September that darned rock is in my shoe and I can’t rise above it. That’s how much I hate what fall tells us is coming ….snow. And if any of you leave a comment, please don’t mention that four-letter I just wrote.

I love Maine. I’ve lived in many other places, but Maine is home to me. It seems to me that every place has a certain “feel” to it, have you noticed that? Even within Maine, some of the cities have their own “feel.” Have you ever crossed the bridge from New Hampshire into Maine? Did you notice the complete change of “feel” from one end of that bridge to the other? When I cross that bridge and enter the state of Maine, I feel like a warm blanket of fresh air has enveloped me. Really!

One day I was thanking the Lord for the gift of being able to live in Maine, and he spoke to my heart and told me that the bad winter weather is the reason we don’t have the crowds and crowds of people here. If for example, I lived in southern California, which I did for about a year, then I’d have to live in the “feel” of what I “call the southern California craze” which is “busy, busy busy,” “run, run, run.” Eight-lane roads everywhere, even in town. In Maine, a traffic jam is one car at each side of an intersection. Yeah! And people aren’t running around like mad. It’s laid back. Quiet. Pleasant. Relaxed. And winter is the price we pay for living in Maine, “the way life should be.”

I think I strayed from the subject, didn’t I? When talking about Maine, I can go off on a thousands tangents.

Ok, where was I?

Oh yeah…. springtime.

Spring is my favorite because of the “feel” in the air. Right now, the buds on the trees are just starting to plump up. You wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t look very close. They’re not ready yet to pop into color, but just knowning that that is coming shortly actually puts me almost on a high. I LOVE it! Did I say, “I LOVE it?”

Well if you missed it, I LOVE IT!

We’ve had two beautiful days in a row – temps in the high 60’s, beautiful sunshine. If that doesn’t put you on a high, you’re walking around in a coma.

PRAISE GOD FOR SPRING! I should be ok now, for the next six months.



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