What Could Be Sadder?

This morning I was reading a post on Fox News, a suicide note left by a woman who hung herself. Suicide always has a profound effect on me as the first thing I think of is I wonder what the person was thinking – and what happened next, after the act.

My next thought was this: As gruesome as abortions are, and they truly are, yet what could be worse than ending one’s life thinking they’re getting away from their problems only to find themselves in hell for all eternity?

I want to add here – I’m not saying all who commit suicide go to hell, please don’t think I mean it that way. But when you look at a life that shows no evidence of salvation, then you realize that in this case she more than likely ended up in hell. For all eternity. I think of the shock. Nothing could be worse than that.

I posted this on Facebook this morning – I wasn’t thinking of starting a whole long argument, but that’s what happened. Some thought I was being judgmental – I guess they didn’t read the post well – I obviously wasn’t being judgmental, I was just thinking out loud. Gotta be careful of that on Facebook.

Anyway, the complaint was that I was consigning suicides to hell. Of course I wasn’t – only God knows the eternal fate of a person. I was just mulling over the possibility that the person did not know the Lord and if so, she wouldn’t be going with him. The only way one can be saved is by being born again through faith in Jesus Christ. That’s not my judgment, that’s what Jesus has said. We are a sinful, fallen people. God loved the world so much that he provided a redeemer for whoever will accept him. Without a redeemer, one is lost. Scripture says they are “condemned already.”

Pretty heavy stuff, but when you think of what Jesus Christ went through in order to redeem us, how can it be anything but logical that if someone doesn’t receive what he did, there’s just no other way.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

vs 18-19
“He who believes in him is not condemned;
but he who does not believe is condemned already,
because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world,
and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

So is it judgmental to wonder if the person who committed suicide is in heaven or not?




What Is Your Favorite Time Of Year?

If you said anything other than “spring,” maybe I can help you change that? 

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Yeah, I know, most people would say fall is their favorite, but not me. When fall comes and the leaves are falling, I just cannot, cannot, CANNOT enjoy it because I know what’s coming. Leaves begin changing color slowly, from about September. And true, we’ll have many nice days and apple cider, and tree-peeping, and all that. But have you ever tried to enjoy something when there’s a rock in your shoe? Cuts down the enjoyment, doesn’t it. Well …that’s how fall feels to me. In September that darned rock is in my shoe and I can’t rise above it. That’s how much I hate what fall tells us is coming ….snow. And if any of you leave a comment, please don’t mention that four-letter I just wrote.

I love Maine. I’ve lived in many other places, but Maine is home to me. It seems to me that every place has a certain “feel” to it, have you noticed that? Even within Maine, some of the cities have their own “feel.” Have you ever crossed the bridge from New Hampshire into Maine? Did you notice the complete change of “feel” from one end of that bridge to the other? When I cross that bridge and enter the state of Maine, I feel like a warm blanket of fresh air has enveloped me. Really!

One day I was thanking the Lord for the gift of being able to live in Maine, and he spoke to my heart and told me that the bad winter weather is the reason we don’t have the crowds and crowds of people here. If for example, I lived in southern California, which I did for about a year, then I’d have to live in the “feel” of what I “call the southern California craze” which is “busy, busy busy,” “run, run, run.” Eight-lane roads everywhere, even in town. In Maine, a traffic jam is one car at each side of an intersection. Yeah! And people aren’t running around like mad. It’s laid back. Quiet. Pleasant. Relaxed. And winter is the price we pay for living in Maine, “the way life should be.”

I think I strayed from the subject, didn’t I? When talking about Maine, I can go off on a thousands tangents.

Ok, where was I?

Oh yeah…. springtime.

Spring is my favorite because of the “feel” in the air. Right now, the buds on the trees are just starting to plump up. You wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t look very close. They’re not ready yet to pop into color, but just knowning that that is coming shortly actually puts me almost on a high. I LOVE it! Did I say, “I LOVE it?”

Well if you missed it, I LOVE IT!

We’ve had two beautiful days in a row – temps in the high 60’s, beautiful sunshine. If that doesn’t put you on a high, you’re walking around in a coma.

PRAISE GOD FOR SPRING! I should be ok now, for the next six months.



What’s Behind Cravings?

Just musing today… 

I’m wondering what appetite and cravings are all about. There always seems to be something I’m craving, it lasts several weeks, then it leaves. Time before last, it was chocolate. So I kept my refrigerator stocked with Hershey’s candy bars (I love the snap when they’re cold.) But that craving has passed. I actually still have a Hershey candy bar in my refrigerator right now, and I have absolutely no desire to grab it. It’s been in there for weeks. While I had the craving, I think I would have been almost willing to break into a store just to get one. And now, it’s of no interest to me.

Before that, it was Boston Creme pie. Oh wow, I’d do headflips to get some Boston Creme pies. I’d sing for my supper if someone would give me a Boston Creme pie. But now, if there was one in front of me, I wouldn’t be interested in it. Well ….I don’t think so ….but hmmmm….


Before that it was chocolate eclairs. I hope there are chocolate eclairs in heaven because they are my absolute favorite. And I hope I do not lose this craving, oh please don’t let it be.  

Last summer I went on a summer-long binge on ice cream sandwiches. In the effort to balance that with my desire to lose weight, I bought the “mini” ice cream sandwiches. I hope you know that two “mini” ice cream sandwiches do not equal one regular ice cream sandwich. And before you disagree, please know I desperately need to believe that.

I remember awhile ago I was on a binge for something that was not chocolate. All of a sudden I wanted Swedish meatballs. You can get the Swedish meatballs frozen dinners. The only thing is that those frozen dinners are no way near able to satisfy the appetite – do they really think people don’t know that the price being low doesn’t matter because you’re going to have to eat TWO frozen dinners? I was on that bend for months. I had Swedish meatballs for supper every night for months. Yeah, I know, pretty crazy. On a positive note, I am no longer interested in Swedish meatballs frozen dinners.

So what is my addiction right now? Popovers. I’ve gone through the popover craze before, so this is a repeat craving. In fact, right now as I write this I’m wolfing down my freshly baked popovers. I don’t want to compare them to heaven, but it’s close. I just love the crispy crust – and each bite smothered in butter. Butter is always going to be involved in anything I make, because – life-long – my delight is butter. Butter on popovers, butter on popcorn, butter on my scrumptious chicken and rice casserole cooked in Onion soup, and butter on anything that goes with butter. Obviously, not on chocolate.

So how is that packing on the pounds? Well …it goes on until I can’t stand myself anymore, then it comes off with enthusiasm in one or another kind of diet. Then the cycle repeats itself.

My mantra is, “50 years from now it’s not going to matter how old I was or how much I weighed in 2018.”


My Twitter Tale

…as it currently is  …or isn’t …?

Months ago I brought my concern to the Lord that my blogs weren’t producing. I blog FOR HIM, having been prompted BY HIM to do so, so I take them pretty seriously.

Well …long story (very long story ) short …he showed me Twitter. I started using it and saw great results, so I spent a lot of time (I mean a huge lot of time) developing it. I created two accounts, one for current events as seen through Bible prophecy, and the second for sharing the Gospel and things having to do with the Word of God, inspirational posts, Bible topic posts, etc. Things were good.

Then all of a sudden, I noticed my posts were not producing on Twitter. I mean ….by this time I had developed the two accounts to more than 8,000 followers. But now I was getting maybe two or three “likes” and no comments per day? Huh??? With 8 THOUSAND followers?

So …I did some research and found out that there is something called “shadow banning.” Twitter will block your account down to almost nothing, but unless you’re paying attention you won’t notice it because every time you post to Twitter it posts just fine. Go back later and those posts will be there, no problem. The problem is that you’re the only one seeing them.

Most people know what Facebook has been doing to conservatives. Actually, I’ve been in “Facebook jail” three times already. But I never expected it to happen on Twitter. So I found their contact form and sent a note asking why this was happening. A few days later they asked for information so I gave the particulars to them. That was a week ago, and of course I haven’t heard any more from them. And don’t expect to. From what I’ve read, once they’ve taken a stand against you, there’s nothing you can do about it. In my research I found multitudes of others who have had the very same treatment, with no solution.


So …the battle is on. I’m still going to post to Twitter because “A FEW” followers are seeing the posts and I’m hoping the posts will get “out there” by those few reposting them. I had one follower yesterday who has multiple thousands of followers and he reposted one of my posts. It’s the only way they’re going to be seen – if others repost them to their accounts.

Of course I’ve taken this to the Lord and I know that he is the ONLY way this ministry outlet is going to work for me. In the meantime he’s showing me some other things I can do, so I’m going to be really busy tackling each idea. But as for Twitter, unless the Lord makes it work, it’s a dead horse.  



Finally Home

I love going away, and I love coming home. Had surgery in March and spent 4 weeks at my daughter’s home recuperating. She pampered me as though I was royalty. My God has blessed me with a daughter who’s just beautiful inside and out. 






She had a place for me in her livingroom where I set up my laptop and phone so I was able to continue my work as usual. 

The days were punctuated with visits from nurses and therapists. I had a choice between them coming to me, or staying a few weeks in rehab. I didn’t have to think twice, so they came to me. Actually, it was good because they gave me a lot of tips on how to manage the recuperation period. And of course it was nice seeing people. I’m by nature quite the hermit, but sometimes it’s nice to have people around.

Sherry, my daughter, has the cutest puppy in the world. If you want the perfect puppy, get a Shorkie. That’s a combination of a Shitsu and a Yorkie. This dog doesn’t bark and doesn’t shed. And she is such a delight, and SO affectionate.

Sherry is a vegetarian, but I stocked up her refrigerator before the surgery because I am a “meat and potatoes” girl. But every morning she and I sat at her kitchen table and had a bowl of oatmeal. Now ….I didn’t like oatmeal. I’ve used it in cooking, especially in my delicious meatloaf, but I would never in a million years eat a bowl of oats. Until ….well, as she sat there pouring maple syrup on hers, (organic, of course) I started thinking it would be worth the try because I just LOVE maple syrup. So I tried it. And now…that’s going to be my forever breakfast. She sliced bananas on hers, but I don’t want to add anything to take away from the maple syrup taste.

So after 4 weeks, I started longing for home – not because I wanted to leave my pampering daughter, but because hermits have to get home after awhile.

So here I am. I miss being at Sherry’s but she’ll be coming to visit soon. We both love photography, so we’ll be getting to our photos as soon as possible. Plus …she brings her little Yorkie, Lacey, and it’s just fun to play with her.


Something New

I’m starting a new blog.  Yep …another one 

Because I use Facebook as a ministry outreach, it means I’m immersed in “heavy” topics and information all day every day. I decided I need a break, and just do a blog on my everyday happenings. It’ll be fun to have a change of scenery.
And so ….here goes! My first post.