There are horrendous storms taking place in the middle of the country affecting millions…

The president has grounded all 737’s because of the crash several days ago – which means thousands upon thousands are going to be stranded… flights cancelled …

Facebook and Instagram are down GLOBALLY…

This is weird.



Facebook Update

I thought Facebook had taken my account down, but the thought occurred to me to check if others are having the same problem …and they are. Across the GLOBE.

I was sure I’d lost the account because I’ve been in “Facebook jail” several times. But come to find out, it’s not that at all. 

Kinda soothes things.


Facebook Troubles

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Last night as I was doing my evening posting on Facebook, suddenly when I clicked “Share” …..nothing happened. I tried it again …nothing. I logged out and came back in …nothing. I found that I was able to post in a group, so I posted a notice saying that I’m not able to post on my timeline and directed it from the group to my timeline where the notice did post. 

That was yesterday. This morning when I tried to log in, I got a notice that Facebook was down for “maintenance,” and to try again “in a few minutes.”  That was hours ago. I just tried again, and I got “page not found.”

I don’t know if any of my Facebook friends take a look at my blog from time to time, but I’m posting this for anyone who might be wondering what on earth is going on. What’s going on is that it appears that my Facebook account no longer exists. If anyone from my Facebook friends list sees this, would you please post a notice that it looks like my Facebook account has been taken down.



A Praise Report, A Personal Sharing

The Lord does this all the time with me…

Whatever I read in the Bible in the morning, I’ll hear the very same passage again later in the day from someone, somewhere. What makes it remarkable (to me) is that He even “confirms” his approval when I’m in a non-popular passage, for example deep into Numbers or Leviticus. Who would ever expect to hear on the same day a passage I just read in the morning from a little-referenced passage deep within the Old Testament??? I just chuckle when I hear a little-known verse from someone somewhere, and it’s the very same verse that was in my reading today. It never ceases to amaze me how God does that.

Well this time he has done it again in a different way. Yesterday I unintentionally got into a long and hard debate on Facebook on the subject of idolatry in the Catholic church. The person coming against me called me every name in the book and every response of hers was filled with vitriol. I didn’t get into the “ad hominem” mindset, I mostly just posted Scripture that answered everything she said. This took place over several hours and when I signed out I was exhausted. And then she unfriended me. No surprise there.

So this morning I get up and when I went online and looked at the youtube videos from sites that I subscribe to, up popped a man speaking on the very thing that happened yesterday. He also did not go into “ad hominem” attacks, but presented the arguments against Catholicism in a very scholarly way and I knew, I just knew that it was a confirmation from the Lord, a hug from my Father, because he always does that. I don’t remember the last time I saw a youtube video about Catholicism, I’m not subscribed to any anti-Catholic sites. This was what many would call a huge coincidence, but because the Lord does this so often, I knew it was from him and was greatly comforted.

We walk a very hard and sometimes painful walk when we take a stand on anything unpopular. We walk with a bulls-eye on our backs. But it is SO encouraging when the Lord comes back with a confirmation. It says he’s watching, and he’s involved. It just makes my day and enables me to absorb the fiery darts from the enemy.

Thank you, Father God!

* * * NOTE: An “ad-hominem” attack is when instead of responding to what you say, they attack you personally. When someone attacks the person rather than the message.


Danger On Facebook

I posted this on Facebook this morning:

* * * Something weird

I have Facebook “friends” whom I don’t know. This morning, one of them posted something in terrible English and hardly a word spelled correctly. I questioned “her” and she came back with comments in even worse English. I went to her site and all the posts there were in correct English, so I messaged her asking if she had posted the post in question which I gave her the link to. She answered that she did. And her answer was in terrible English.

Still scratching my head about this – I went back to her site and looked at her friends and family members. I clicked on a couple family members and their sites are bogus. So I unfriended “her.”

The name on her site was a very traditional American name, and that’s what threw me off.

Don’t ever accept a friend request without checking the person’s site. When it’s bogus, there won’t be many posts, and most of the posts will be pictures of the person and not much else.

I don’t know the purpose of people who create fake sites. Why would they do that? What’s in it for them? I get friend requests from people like that every single day.

Some of my friends who responded to this suggested that I block her. I hadn’t thought of that so I went back to her site to do so ….. and found that IT’S BEEN TAKEN DOWN!!!


Now I’m wondering if I have other fake “friends” on my Facebook account. I have more than 3,700 “friends,” it would be a nightmare to go to each one to find the bogus ones. I did vet each and every one before accepting their friend request, that’s why I was so shocked when this fake one became apparent.


I want to add here one more thing. I have several blogs, this being one of them, and I sometimes find that someone has “followed” my blog with purposes other than interest in what I post. I go to their blog and find it’s all about marketing and sales. I remove them, and they come back – every single day. I’ve researched trying to find out if there’s a way to block them, but on WordPress blogs there isn’t. I can block them from commenting but not from  following my blog. And again I ask, what is their purpose?