Finally Home

I love going away, and I love coming home. Had surgery in March and spent 4 weeks at my daughter’s home recuperating. She pampered me as though I was royalty. My God has blessed me with a daughter who’s just beautiful inside and out. 






She had a place for me in her livingroom where I set up my laptop and phone so I was able to continue my work as usual. 

The days were punctuated with visits from nurses and therapists. I had a choice between them coming to me, or staying a few weeks in rehab. I didn’t have to think twice, so they came to me. Actually, it was good because they gave me a lot of tips on how to manage the recuperation period. And of course it was nice seeing people. I’m by nature quite the hermit, but sometimes it’s nice to have people around.

Sherry, my daughter, has the cutest puppy in the world. If you want the perfect puppy, get a Shorkie. That’s a combination of a Shitsu and a Yorkie. This dog doesn’t bark and doesn’t shed. And she is such a delight, and SO affectionate.

Sherry is a vegetarian, but I stocked up her refrigerator before the surgery because I am a “meat and potatoes” girl. But every morning she and I sat at her kitchen table and had a bowl of oatmeal. Now ….I didn’t like oatmeal. I’ve used it in cooking, especially in my delicious meatloaf, but I would never in a million years eat a bowl of oats. Until ….well, as she sat there pouring maple syrup on hers, (organic, of course) I started thinking it would be worth the try because I just LOVE maple syrup. So I tried it. And now…that’s going to be my forever breakfast. She sliced bananas on hers, but I don’t want to add anything to take away from the maple syrup taste.

So after 4 weeks, I started longing for home – not because I wanted to leave my pampering daughter, but because hermits have to get home after awhile.

So here I am. I miss being at Sherry’s but she’ll be coming to visit soon. We both love photography, so we’ll be getting to our photos as soon as possible. Plus …she brings her little Yorkie, Lacey, and it’s just fun to play with her.