What’s Behind Cravings?

Just musing today… 

I’m wondering what appetite and cravings are all about. There always seems to be something I’m craving, it lasts several weeks, then it leaves. Time before last, it was chocolate. So I kept my refrigerator stocked with Hershey’s candy bars (I love the snap when they’re cold.) But that craving has passed. I actually still have a Hershey candy bar in my refrigerator right now, and I have absolutely no desire to grab it. It’s been in there for weeks. While I had the craving, I think I would have been almost willing to break into a store just to get one. And now, it’s of no interest to me.

Before that, it was Boston Creme pie. Oh wow, I’d do headflips to get some Boston Creme pies. I’d sing for my supper if someone would give me a Boston Creme pie. But now, if there was one in front of me, I wouldn’t be interested in it. Well ….I don’t think so ….but hmmmm….


Before that it was chocolate eclairs. I hope there are chocolate eclairs in heaven because they are my absolute favorite. And I hope I do not lose this craving, oh please don’t let it be.  

Last summer I went on a summer-long binge on ice cream sandwiches. In the effort to balance that with my desire to lose weight, I bought the “mini” ice cream sandwiches. I hope you know that two “mini” ice cream sandwiches do not equal one regular ice cream sandwich. And before you disagree, please know I desperately need to believe that.

I remember awhile ago I was on a binge for something that was not chocolate. All of a sudden I wanted Swedish meatballs. You can get the Swedish meatballs frozen dinners. The only thing is that those frozen dinners are no way near able to satisfy the appetite – do they really think people don’t know that the price being low doesn’t matter because you’re going to have to eat TWO frozen dinners? I was on that bend for months. I had Swedish meatballs for supper every night for months. Yeah, I know, pretty crazy. On a positive note, I am no longer interested in Swedish meatballs frozen dinners.

So what is my addiction right now? Popovers. I’ve gone through the popover craze before, so this is a repeat craving. In fact, right now as I write this I’m wolfing down my freshly baked popovers. I don’t want to compare them to heaven, but it’s close. I just love the crispy crust – and each bite smothered in butter. Butter is always going to be involved in anything I make, because – life-long – my delight is butter. Butter on popovers, butter on popcorn, butter on my scrumptious chicken and rice casserole cooked in Onion soup, and butter on anything that goes with butter. Obviously, not on chocolate.

So how is that packing on the pounds? Well …it goes on until I can’t stand myself anymore, then it comes off with enthusiasm in one or another kind of diet. Then the cycle repeats itself.

My mantra is, “50 years from now it’s not going to matter how old I was or how much I weighed in 2018.”